When it comes to the well-being of your patients, especially those with multiple complex conditions, your care is a critical component in restoring their health and mobility. But what about when they go home? Ensuring your patients have access to the best home health care can help them recover, regain their independence and avoid readmission.

The most effective home health care clinicians are trained to address a variety of conditions with the very latest techniques and approaches to care.

You should expect the following from your home health care partner:

  • In-home clinicians should serve as your eyes and ears in the patient’s home. They should be knowledgeable about what they witness during patient care and skilled at recognizing potential risks and helping a patient understand and follow your discharge orders.
  • Home health clinicians should collaborate effectively and regularly with you and other health care providers so you’re aware of a patient’s progress even when you’re not seeing them in your office.
  • Clinicians should be able to care for someone who has multiple comorbidities, especially when they’re taking several medications. A holistic approach to care is crucial when treating patients with complex needs or more than one condition.
  • Clinicians should receive specialized training and knowledge so they can prioritize their actions and recognize potential risks. It’s important for them to act autonomously in the patient’s personal environment, delivering care in the moment with the confidence to follow plans and raise issues when they arise.
  • Clinicians should receive regular training, evaluation and career development so they’re up to date in the latest treatment methods.

CenterWellTM Home Health clinicians receive advanced training to care for patients experiencing complex medical situations. We apply our deep, specialized knowledge and compassion to help patients understand why and how their care plans will help them. In partnership with their doctors, we support patients in embracing their paths to recovery, and we work with them to achieve their personal health goals. We aid them in gaining mastery and confidence to do things for themselves.

Here are some examples of how CenterWell Home Health’s clinical education empowers our clinicians to go above and beyond in helping patients accelerate their healing and return to independence.

  • Leading with a whole-health approach
    We develop clinical programs that focus on complex conditions. We’re able to drive alignment across multiple lines of specialty care because our comprehensive training allows our clinicians and therapists to tie the pieces of a patient’s care together. One way we demonstrate this is through comprehensive case conferencing, where the various clinicians assigned to a patient can communicate consistently with each other, ensuring awareness of how the patient is progressing and addressing any issues they see during a patient visit.
  • Helping patients avoid accelerated functional decline
    We help patients address opportunities for improvement at home so they can stay at home. Other home health providers may treat patients with fall risks by getting them a walker, but we go further to address the cause of their balance issues, leading them through sensory integration activities to build physiological reserves and resilience in their nervous system.
  • Focusing our care through empathy
    Being scared is not a motivator. Our clinicians and therapists demonstrate active listening, encouraging directness and using the teach-back method to make sure patients have a clear understanding of their own care. Leading with person-centered interactions, we focus on patients’ personal goals to help motivate them to adopt behaviors and incorporate healthier habits into their daily routines that enable long-term success.
  • Leading with up-to-the-minute information
    We don’t just read the research; we help write it. We collaborate with universities and contribute to scientific advances across disciplines, and then we apply those evidence-based best practices to our care plans.
  • Investing in our clinicians with advanced training and ongoing learning
    From sponsoring the pursuit of advanced degrees to offering facilitated classes, hands-on labs and self-directed learning, we support our clinicians with ongoing opportunities to deepen their clinical knowledge. No matter the topic, we support individual development as well as networking between learners, because growing a community of engaged and supportive health care professionals benefits patients.

When home health professionals receive specialized training, patients often experience better outcomes and fewer readmissions. CenterWell Home Health is here to partner with you.


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