Step On It! is a senior wellness program designed by CenterWell Home Health to keep older adults moving and having fun in the process. Why is moving so important? Moving helps to maintain good heart and lung function and significantly reduces the risk of serious falls. By offering this program to assisted living facilities (ALFs) around the country, Step On It! is making a difference in seniors’ lives by keeping residents moving and living the life they love.


How the Step On It! program works

Partnering with CenterWell Home Health is easy. We typically work with activities directors at ALFs and provide all the education, tools and resources to launch the Step On It! program in their facility. From pedometers and participant guidebooks, to tracking diaries and certificates, we ensure each facility has everything they need to keep their residents moving, motivated and celebrated for their milestones.

Step On It! emphasizes six key participant tenets:

  1. Keep moving by making and sticking to a plan. We teach about the benefits of staying active, making a plan, using a buddy system and making activity a priority.
  2. Build confidence and reduce risk for falls. This involves teaching residents about their medications, the importance of scheduling regular exams and how to find shoes that fit properly.
  3. Make your place of residence a safe haven. We introduce a safety checklist to help the resident recognize areas in the home that may be a falls risk or hinder mobility.
  4. Ask for help. We explain that knowing when to ask for help is a sign of wisdom and resilience.
  5. Know what to do if you happen to fall. The participant’s guidebook provides actions to take.
  6. Stay engaged. We show participants how to use the provided tools, resources and contacts to help stay motivated and excited.

The impact on participant health

The more we move, the better life gets. Physical activity may help prevent or delay age-related health problems and keep muscles strong—enabling seniors to see more, do more and live on their terms.1 Step On It! is packed with practical advice and encouragement to keep everyone moving and socializing.

We believe in providing the best and the most compassionate care to your residents, so this is just some of what you can expect from us:

  • Respect for your needs in serving your residents
  • A professional home health team, including physical therapists who are trained and dedicated to extraordinary service and quality care
  • Enhanced coordination between care settings
  • Innovative, disease-specific programs that further help patients with their individual needs
  • A point of difference in the care you offer to your residents
  • Collaboration and communication with your staff to help your residents age in place
  • Working with you as your partner to fulfill our mutual goals of excellence and quality


Implementing Step On It! in your ALF

  1. Our CenterWell Home Health team will visit your facility and meet with the executive director, activities director and other members of the leadership team to present an overview of the program.
  2. If you're ready to get started, we will provide your team with instruction and launch material to get the program kicked off.  
  3. We'll provide you and the residents with the tools and resources to track steps, monitor progress, celebrate milestones and keep everyone motivated throughout the program.

To learn more about partnering with CenterWell Home Health and launching the Step On It! program in your facility, reach out to your local CenterWell Home Health agency.


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