Many people feel scared or uncertain about going home after a hospital stay or a change in a chronic condition that required treatment in a facility. Will you be able to take care of yourself? Will you have the correct medications and medical supplies? Will you get the support you need to stay safe and independent?

These are all reasonable questions, and they can be addressed with home health services like nursing care and therapy. Our patient Caroline is one example of how therapy at home can create a smooth transition that will address any fears you have and get you back on your feet and into your normal routine.

Caroline lives alone, so when she had a routine knee replacement surgery, she knew she would need help afterwards. Our therapists helped her recover.

“I’m a very active person.” Caroline said. She worked closely with Karen, her occupational therapist, to get back to her normal pace.

“You want people to be independent, you want people to be safe. My job here is to ensure that she’s successful and safe here at home,” Karen said.

Therapists like Karen can help you with:

  • Learning to safely walk around your home, preventing falls
  • Completing daily activities, like bathing or dressing
  • Increasing strength and activity tolerance for better mobility
  • Creating an individual home exercise program (HEP)
  • Conserving energy during movements
  • Using assistive devices
  • Evaluating your mental abilities

“You know, as time went along, [my knee] could move better. I could walk better,” Caroline said. “I don’t like to be down. I don’t like to hurt, so I can walk a lot better now than I could before. It doesn’t hurt like it did before.”


Therapy services are centered on each person’s care plan, keeping your needs, abilities and preferences as the focus. Your therapy team is made up of your physicians, your home health team and any loved ones who might be providing support. Being surrounded by a team of experts means that you are set up for success in a comfortable, familiar setting. 

“We can practice things all we want, in a different setting, in a rehab setting,” Karen said. “But once we get home that’s where the magic really happens.”

“They are excellent,” Caroline said of her rehab team. 

Do you or a loved one have questions about therapy at home that could help you stay safe and independent? Call 1-833-453-1107 to speak with a Registered Nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find out if these services are right for your and offered in your area.